field trip to St Kilda

St Kilda by Pascal Wyse

photo of St Kilda by Pascal Wyse here

It’s disgusting outside today in NYC, hours of wet slushy snow, the type of snow that forms deep grey puddles of bobbing ice chunks at every street corner without having the decency to supply an early morning hour’s worth of clean, fluffy groundcover first. A perfect day to revisit one’s travel-related bookmarks. For a certain type of person, the moss-covered rocks of a Scottish island populated only by seabirds are as attractive as any palm tree. If you’re at all that sort of person, you’ll like this slideshow of photos and bird sounds from St Kilda, a Hebridean archipelago eighty miles off the coast of Scotland, and the accompanying article here.

2 responses to “field trip to St Kilda

  1. Laraudogoitia's Beautiful Supertask

    Field Trip To St Kilda

    Kitties lift lard pod
    Dotards fell tipi kit:
    Spilt tort, failed kid.

    Add folksier tilt-pit;
    Add fillet-kit ripost.
    Filtrated kid pilots
    Add spitfire, kill tot.

    Deaf torpid tits kill
    Top-ilk liter faddist —
    A lipid stork flitted.

    Rapt kitties fold lid.
    Fetid tripodal kilts
    Faked distill-pit rot.

    A lifted dirk spotlit,
    A drifted kilt spoilt.

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