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Lunar Camel Co. field guide to trees of Connecticut, chapter 1

Sorry about the silence here, I’ve been dealing with some health issues. I had surgery, I lolled around with a bottle of Vicodin, I am having more surgery. I’m going to post some music soon but in the meantime here are some trees for your collection. My friend Jim says this one looks just like it has “a squinty brown eye.” Hmm!

Killingworth-20110424-00106-1 lolo

Here is another, are you feeling closer to nature yet? Or something?

Killingworth-20110424-00102 lolo

IMG-20110423-00099 lolo

The woods aren’t just full of puckered treeholes and gaping treecrotches; there are subtle faces too, waiting to be encountered by attentive hikers. Like this eye, which appears to have been scarred years ago.

Killingworth-20110424-00110 lolo

Killingworth-20110424-00111 lolo

All photos from Chatfield Hollow State Park in Killingworth, CT, where we did not saunter out of the woods with forbidden trout crammed in our pockets.

IMG-20110424-00100 lolo