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creeping around in creepers

People, people. I have half a dozen longer posts about this and that in the works (including a blog mixtape, which has been finalized but yet to be uploaded) but a very busy week ahead of me. In the meantime I’m wondering where you stand on creepers. Last night while browsing I noticed some white ones and sent them to a former Mr. Camel Co. asking what he thought, not for me but in general. At some point we both went to sleep but the conversation continued this morning, until we realized that we’d had a rambling two-day discourse on creepers. I can’t really see myself wearing them and I know they’re derivative and sort of costume-y, but overall I’m happy that we’re in a moment in which people feel like being experimental with what they wear. It’s not inconceivable that someone might wear those white creepers at the same time as, say, this feathered neckpiece and these absolutely mental leggings. I think that’s sort of great. Not necessarily in real life, in NYC neighborhoods that are feverish with gentrification, but, you know, as an idea.

Are you gone? Real gone?

I’m sort of busy trying to get a few things organized for my other blog, but in the meantime we can still get to know one another better. Here, fill out this beatnik questionnaire and send it to me at lunarcamelco at gmail dot com. I won’t sell your answers to telemarketers. I don’t think they like people who travel via shoe leather express anyhow.

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