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tomb of the honey children

125th St.

tomb of the honey children

This and that No. 3


The Philips microbial kitchen, via The Guardian. Click on the images to read more about it.

I wish I were making this Thanksgiving’s pies in this lovely microbial kitchen. It is the kitchen of the future, says Philips. The heart of it is the bio-digester island, which is basically a poop- and vegetable scrap-repurposing contraption: burning methane powers the stove, and the “residue” (blessedly, magically dehydrated) can be used as fertilizer.

the larder
the larder close up

The larder.

The part of the microbial kitchen that really excites me is the larder, which has “a twin-walled terra cotta evaporative cooler” consisting of “compartments and chambers [that] vary in wall thicknesses and volumes . . . designed to keep different types of food at different optimal temperatures.” I am ready for this now. I am already mentally arranging my mushrooms and cheeses. You know what this reminds me of, this amazing styrofoam kitchen of the future from 1978:


Styrofoam kitchen by Lino Schenal, from Joan Kron and Suzanne Slesin’s High-Tech(1978).

I got High-Tech after seeing this outdoor hangout room from it over at Wary Meyers. There are loads of good ideas in the book and the styrofoam kitchen has stuck with me. I often bring home new kitchen equipment that I don’t have just the right spot for, and with a kitchen like this I could scoop out a compartment for, say, my new ice cream machine. It isn’t as high-tech as the microbial kitchen, but how great would it be to combine the two, with terra cotta inserts for the scooped-out wall, like the larder? Such that one could open a little door to a personal-size cheese cave? Or a mushroom-growing cabinet. I have been trying to grow mushrooms inside my componibili and this would be an improvement. One could have a mushroom-growing cabinet right next to a pipe carrying cool, clean water and have one’s mushrooms misted automatically. Or via phone.

The more mysterious biological and transformative aspects of the future kitchen remind me of this fallen tree that Mr. Lunar Camel Co. and I recently encountered at Rockefeller State Park Preserve in Sleepy Hollow, NY. Are these the ghosts of insects struck by lightening? Whatever happened here happened to the entire length of the tree.



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And you’re just so busy / busy busy / busy scissors

I don’t know why this delights me but it does: “Morrissey got hair cut at Dallas barber shop, then took hair with him.”

busy scissors

Click on the image to read all about it.

I do love a pithy headline. In related news, people in NYC are excited that he’s doing a cover of Satellite of Love on this tour.

hey Lou

brief blog post infested with pink rats

I met two rats on the 6 train last night, a pink one and a white one with a pink stripe. The white one had crawled into a pocket at this point. Their names are Chatterbox and (I think) Butter. I asked what she dyed them with and she said pet dye from Petco. She let it nibble on her sandwich.

pink rat on the subway

Surely related: The New York Dolls.

banana station

The NYC marathon goes past my apartment building. I got out of the house early this morning so as not to be trapped by it. There was a banana station around the corner all set up for banana-grabbing.

banana station

YouTube allsorts No. 2: French mixture

Katty Line, “Ne fais pas la tête” (“How Does That Grab You Darling”). Takes a moment to get started, fyi.

Bob Asklöf, “Dis-Moi Pourquoi,” Swedish teevee in 1966. Someone needs to do a compilation re: impeccable teen emotional eyebrow pop.

Antoine, “Nadine.” This one also takes a moment to get started; it’s from the same person who brought us Katty Line.

“Nadine” was a b-side on the 7″ “Votez Pour Moi,” red vinyl. There’s one on its way to me and I’ll show it to you when it arrives. Google’s translation of that Wiki page I linked to says his first album was called “The Rantings of Antoine.”

Antoine Votez Pour Moi front

Antoine Votez Pour Moi back

There are lots of other Antoine videos on YouTube but they’re pretty goofy. Antoine in his middle years looks like a fun guy to hang out with.

Antoine with cats

Antoine with cow

Antoine sailing

Antoine in the water

François De Roubaix, “Baleines.” Unused soundtrack music for a Jacques Cousteau film about the Antarctic.

Candy Sylver, “How Is Love,” 1977 disco.

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