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a little something for my pagan readers

My friend Thaddeus recently sent me a Wicker Man comic book starring the Muppets. Kermit is Sergeant Howie, Gonzo is Lord Summerisle, and of course Miss Piggy takes up the role of the ass-shaking innkeeper’s daughter played by Britt Ekland (and her ass-double) in the 1973 film.

Muppet Wicker Man p. 17

Muppet Wicker Man p. 21

Muppet Wicker Man p. 23

It’s clever and funny and well-executed but naturally the creators of it couldn’t include every scene from the movie, and my favorite one of all is missing: May Morrison’s sweet shop. It’s such a brief scene but it made a big impression on me. Ever since I first saw the film I’ve longed to walk into a sweet shop stocked with chocolate hares and turtles and creepy baby-shaped cakes.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in the shop, starting with the big chocobaby in the window:

creepy baby choco

more after the jump, along with the beginnings of an inquiry as to how to recreate these goodies . . .

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