What are you doing on New Years Day?

I’m jointly throwing a party with my friend Ami and NYC-area readers are invited. I feel reasonably certain you’re not a bunch of creepers. Our friends aren’t creepers either, they’re all quite nice, so why don’t you come over? It’s a low-key thing with drinks and food and you don’t have to bring anything. It’ll start around 4 pm and end around 8-ish, or whenever. It’s in the East Village. Email me at lunarcamelco at gmail dot com for details.

vintage "swingers" invite

Unrelatedly, I’m sorry it’s been so quiet around here. I’ve been working on the same litigation for the past two and a half years and we had a whopping big deadline just a couple days before Christmas: a dozen expert witness reports were due. They were written by the experts who are helping us and the judge understand the very complex financial stuff that’s at the heart of our case, but we lawyers had to check each and every source, and neurotically put all the citations into Byzantinely-intricate Bluebook format and whatnot. I don’t mean “like a dozen” reports; I mean there were twelve of them, each with between fifty and three hundred and fifty footnotes or so. Oh man. It’s a good time for a party right now for me, now that this is done.

Vintage invitation from airdrome’s Flickr stream.

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