introducing a new associate

Here is Vivian Peanut Severin, who just came to live with me yesterday. I haven’t had much of a chance to photograph her yet, but I’m eager to introduce her to everyone so these will have to do.


I’ve been on a Scottish Fold cat rescue mailing list for the past three years or so, and my patience has finally been rewarded: In a somewhat unusual move, Vivian has given up the ocean views in her Connecticut home to become a New Yorker.


She’s mostly called Viv. Her middle name is a sort of tribute to my much-loved dog Vishnu, who died about a year ago. He was often called Peanut.

Vivian and I have only just met but I can tell she’s intelligent and polite, and I hope we’re going to be good friends.

my new friend Vivian making herself at home

2 responses to “introducing a new associate

  1. How are you two enjoying your holiday season?

    • You’re a shy loyal reader, hmm! Viv and I had a very nice holiday. She came to Connecticut with me and was wonderful and charming there. I could tell she was glad to get home yesterday but she’s friendly and very adaptable to new situations so she’s a good little traveler. I’m crazy about her in a big way. She’s definitely one of the best kitties I’ve ever met.

      Sorry it’s been so quiet around here. I’ve been working on the same litigation for over two and a half years and we had a massive deadline just before Christmas. It’s complex work and there’s been a lot of it. Hoping to manage at least one new post very, very soon!

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