new thing

Mark E. Smith is surprised

The little project I mentioned in that last post is open to the public now: a new site, under my actual, real life name. I created it because I realized that the assorted reasons I had for blogging anonymously were no longer meaningful to me, and because I wanted a place where I could pull together the content from this blog, my food blog, and whatever other little projects I involve myself in. I briefly considered abandoning the two existing blogs and doing all my blogging over there, but it didn’t take long to decide against it: They have their distinct audiences, and I’m fine with that. What I’m going to do instead is cross-publish the content from both blogs over there, which I started doing with my last Lunar Camel Co. post. There may be some other, unrelated initiatives that take shape over there. Not sure yet.

Photo of surprised and delighted Mark E. Smith from Fuck Yeah, The Fall-uh!!!

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