the new Monochrome Set album is here

Platinum Coils front cover

Cover image politely (in spirit) borrowed
from their booking agent Julie Tippex here.

Platinum Coils! Not here literally, but it will be soon: I ordered my copy first thing Saturday morning, before I’d even gotten out of bed. Yes of course I have email alerts for important events like this. I’m particularly excited because I heard the first track on it on the Marc Riley show last week and became a bit obsessed with it. It’s called “Hip Kitten Spinning Chrome” and you can have a listen (and buy the album, if you are tasteful) on the band’s site here. It’s a song about being in hospital — strangely thrilling subject matter for me, after a year of battling my own Health Issues — but it’s got the same larky wit all my other favorite Monochrome Set songs have. Not just in the nimble lyrics but in the intricate rhythms it unfurls, too.

Apparently I got a bit hormonal about having to wait for a CD to arrive in the mail, because later that afternoon I found myself in Kim’s looking for Monochrome Set vinyl to alleviate my distress. Voila, there’s a new-ish release of White Noise (new to me, at least) with some of my favorite songs from Black & White Minstrels, which I previously had only a crap mp3 of.

The Monochrome Set Early Recordings front cover

“Inside Your Heart” is a favorite among favorites. Press play, or go check out an old but still nice mixtape starting with it that I made for my food blog.

I also somehow found myself poking around the internet as if in preparation to make a sort of blog post-shrine to the Monochrome Set. A weird, candle-lit shrine complete with an old pin-up of Bid. Go ahead and get your special post-punk pants on, it’ll still be here when you return.

light yr candles

Bid pin-up

Bid pin-up via Northern Scum’s Tumblr.

Sorry, I don’t know whether there’s a matching one of Lester Square. If there is it will presumably turn up at the unofficial Monochrome Set Tumblr, which in the meantime has other delights.

Related reading: There are early reviews of Platinum Coils here and here, at Louder Than War and Retro Man, respectively. If you’ve been reading my post here and wondering who are the Monochrome Set, there’s a brief but effective Guardian music blog post here, after which you’ll doubtlessly want a look at the “History” section of the band’s site, where you can torment yourself with photos of super-fun shows you weren’t at.

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