signs and symbols

signs and symbols

On Saturday I met a friend at the Met. We I got there late so we only had a few minutes to pop in to the Egyptian wing before closing time, but sometimes a few minutes is enough to notice something interesting enough to mentally chew on for a couple days.


This time it was these two statues, which are of the same guy. He had a little army of them in his tomb, one for each year. Youthful pecs gave way to man-boobs. The older figure on the right also has a longer skirt, more relaxed shoulders, a slightly pouchy tummy, and a shorter stride. Imagine these for yourself!


Hopefully yours don’t appear progressively grumpier with age. Many of mine would have bobbed hair because I started young. No. 35 would be accompanied by an IV drip to commemorate Health Issues, but all my most important scars are invisible to the naked eye. So several of my Madeleinettes would have to wear little badges saying “Ask me about my love life,” etc., if they were to convey anything of their inner state to viewers passing by. Probably this is true for most of us who have not yet reached the longer-skirt years.

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