This and that No. 6

The proper disco for your Tuesday afternoon: B.T. Express, “Peace Pipe,” on Soul Train, via an impassioned comments-section debate about disco (“a bunch of fucking reactionary hippies” vs. people who say otherwise) over at Dangerous Minds. I think this is from 1975.

Alisha Chinoy’s “Zoo Zoo Zooby Zooby” is, strictly speaking, Bollywood Italo disco. The video starts with an ad and the song gets off to a slow start, but I think it’s totally worth sticking with. Use that time to lie down on the bed or the floor of your office and zip yourself into your disco pants. Based on the wiki page for the movie this performance is from, I think the creepy-looking guy in the audience is her brother. Or maybe the “rich and powerful man.” One or the other. Creepy guy vs. disco.

Groupies. I don’t know if they inherently go with disco, but in my mind they are linked. Here are the archives of Star magazine, a short-lived publication about teen groupies. There were only five issues published, between February and June of 1973, and you can flip through all of them.

Foxy Entertainment for 1973

This and that No. 5 is here.

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