YouTube allsorts No. 2: French mixture

Katty Line, “Ne fais pas la tête” (“How Does That Grab You Darling”). Takes a moment to get started, fyi.

Bob Asklöf, “Dis-Moi Pourquoi,” Swedish teevee in 1966. Someone needs to do a compilation re: impeccable teen emotional eyebrow pop.

Antoine, “Nadine.” This one also takes a moment to get started; it’s from the same person who brought us Katty Line.

“Nadine” was a b-side on the 7″ “Votez Pour Moi,” red vinyl. There’s one on its way to me and I’ll show it to you when it arrives. Google’s translation of that Wiki page I linked to says his first album was called “The Rantings of Antoine.”

Antoine Votez Pour Moi front

Antoine Votez Pour Moi back

There are lots of other Antoine videos on YouTube but they’re pretty goofy. Antoine in his middle years looks like a fun guy to hang out with.

Antoine with cats

Antoine with cow

Antoine sailing

Antoine in the water

François De Roubaix, “Baleines.” Unused soundtrack music for a Jacques Cousteau film about the Antarctic.

Candy Sylver, “How Is Love,” 1977 disco.

YouTube allsorts No. 1 is here.

3 responses to “YouTube allsorts No. 2: French mixture

  1. I always thought it would be fun to hang out with this French guy:

    (And oh god, YES! Please post the vinyl when you get it!!)
    A bientot !

  2. So… where is the vinyl?

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