mid-week stationary field trip No. 3

This week’s stationary field trip chronicles an actual field trip: last Monday Mr. Lunar Camel Co. and I skipped work to go for a hike upstate. The first thing to do was pick up a Zipcar next door to this trendy urine spot.

OK, got it.

It doesn’t take long to get to THE COUNTRY and Route 22 is a nice way to get there.

out the car window

We stopped for lunch at McEnroe Organic Farm and left with bags full of apples and pumpkins and whatnot. Also a surprise pet — more on that later.

North East-20111017-00567

We went to Rudd Pond State Park. I’m sure it gets crowded during the summer and on weekends but on a Monday afternoon we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Rudd Pond State Park

Can you believe they’re using this gorgeous old cabin to store tools instead of letting me do arty things inside? If you live in NY please write a letter to your representative about this!

cabin, Rudd Pond State Park

In the woods we encountered trees living together in unconvential relationships.

trees in love

North East-20111017-00626

Also several incongruous signs. Upstate NY humor.

North East-20111017-00599

Best of all, we found a deserted cabin with a cozy look-out spot.

North East-20111017-00609

North East-20111017-00617

A stoned tree guards the lookout spot.

North East-20111017-00620

We returned to the small beach on the lake near the park entrance just in time to watch the sun set and we stopped in a crazy taco place on the way home, but by then my battery was dead, sorry. I would have been shy about taking photos anyhow because the taco lady had an intimidating face full of makeup.

North East-20111017-00627

The next day I discovered I’d brought home a new pet, a snail living in my farm stand herbs. I thought it was dead from being in the refrigerator but after a few moments it was crawling around on my kitchen table. It now lives in my lavender plant. I showed my snail to my friend Ami and he was afraid it might have babies and eat all my plants — when he was a kid he brought home some cool-looking pods he found in a field and they promptly hatched and filled his bedroom with hundreds of baby praying mantises — but I looked this up and it takes two snails to make more snails. I also learned that they “will communicate to the other snail for an average of two to twelve hours.”

new pet snail

The snail’s name is McEnroe after the farm it came from. It isn’t a he or a she because snails are hermaphrodites.

souvenir potatoes farmstand herbs

Stationary field trip No. 1 is here and No. 2 is here.

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