this is not a leaky blog

Loose Lips Might Sink Ships And / Or The Bands Sailing Them

but I have been tempted to leak you things from a very cool, very new band called Morgellons. Or maybe Morgallon, now. They’re so new I’ve only heard rough iPhone recordings and bits and pieces of song ideas, but it’s all exciting. They sound a bit like Broadcast, in a good way. I will let you know when they’re ready to play out or otherwise be heard by you, and then they’ll make Lana del Ray look as stale as those little rolls Pret a Manger gives with soup, ho hum! In the meantime I think I can tell you they are working on a cover of this:

another version of it, this from the 1966 Czech film Sedmikrásky, which is where you might recognize it from:

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