how is your hurricane?

I hope you are carrying on a fantastic interzone love affair with someone from Zone A in your Zone C apartment, or are enjoying however you are doing things. We went for a walk this morning and there was a guy playing the saxophone in Marcus Garvey Park in lieu of this weekend’s Charlie Parker Jazz Festival.

Before the walk we had breakfast at Cafe Latte. It was very grey outside but it wasn’t raining. The restaurant was full, a mixture of local people and stranded Europeans.

breakfast at Cafe Latte after Hurricane Irene

After breakfast we went to 116th St. to buy bio coffee from these people but they weren’t open. We saw Marcus Samuelsson walking south on Frederick Douglass Blvd. as we headed back uptown to 125th St., maybe he was thinking about stocking up on bio coffee too. Bio coffee is coffee with wheatgrass in it. It probably sounds repulsive but it tastes good. It’s an instant coffee that has milk and sugar already in it, like instant coffee that you might get if you are travelling somewhere where people do not really drink coffee. Meaning they do not drink real coffee, but it’s not unenjoyable, the stuff they drink instead. I guess I’ve had coffee like it in Kathmandu or someplace in northeastern India. Here is the rest of the Food For Life Supreme menu, for the curious. I have been there a couple times now for bio coffee and carrot fries and I still don’t know what moon sauce is.

Mr. T was watching over 125th St.

Mr. T, 125th St.

There were large tree branches down in Marcus Garvey Park and a sign by the entrance saying the park was closed, but we went up the steps to the top of the hill. On our way up we encountered someone’s DVD, perhaps having been snatched from their grasp by the hurricane.

damaged trees, Marcus Garvey Park

Marcus Garvey Park after Hurricane Irene

someone misplaced their DVD

I took some video of a windy moment at the top of the hill in the park.

5 responses to “how is your hurricane?

  1. I’m jealous! I didn’t get to eat at Food for Life Supreme when I was last in town! Seriously, glad you weathered the storm with such good humor. Boston got off lightly too.

    • Hey Judy! We are still weathering the storm with good humor — it’s gorgeous here today and I refuse to take notice that the subways are up and running. I’m just going to pretend that tomorrow is Monday and start my week then.

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  3. Good videos! I was out at the Marcus Garvey also. I was going to climb to the acroplys myself but it was too windy and a tree fell.

    • Thanks neighbor! I think that by the time we got to the park everything that was going to fall down had already fallen, but it was still probably kind of stupid for us to be up there.

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