time to bring in the seaweed

I think you’ll like these photos of amasan (sea women) by photographer / sake distiller Iwase Yoshiyuki.

Yoshiyuki Iwase, Harvesting Seaweed, 1956

Iwase Yoshiyuki, Harvesting Seaweed, 1956.

Yoshiyuki Iwase, Bluff Gazing, 1935

Iwase Yoshiyuki, Bluff Gazing, 1935. Photos via Creatures of Comfort Tumblr here.

Amasan harvested things from the sea such as seaweed, turban shells, urchins and abalone. The fetching little shorts they wear are called fundoshi and I urgently want to transition into a profession where I’ll need a stack of those in my wardrobe. (For adventuring in, obviously, not serving beer and grease-snacks in). Women are reportedly better-suited for diving into the ocean for goodies than men are because we have a bit more body fat, so we can stay warmer in the cold water, even topless, without whining about the temperature. I have not yet personally tested this theory in competition against male friends but it seems sound.

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