scratch-and-sniff blog post

Perfume Quiromantico

I am trying to share my new favorite scent with you but I’m not sure I’m operating WordPress’s blog-o-smell technology properly. There are a lot of knobs to twiddle! You are meant to be beguiled by the scent of Quiromantico Levantador, a Peruvian concoction I ordered from (of course) Shamans Market. The packaging was irresistible — 70s nudies! — and the description intrigued me:

This Perfume is an extract of the roots of live and esoteric plants such as Hiebras Doncella, Savila, Rosemary, Ash Tree, Hazelnut and Pine. It also contains the spirit of the great teachers of the Peruvian Forest. When your fortitude is low and you think that your life disappears in the suspense, then it is time to use this Esoteric Perfume, which has the roots of these diverse plants, that have the virtue of giving you OPTIMISM.

Perfume Quiromantico bottle

It’s basically Florida water for people who live in yurts and teepees. I’ve only been wearing it a few days and I’m not appreciably more optimistic yet, but I do smell thoroughly esoteric. Success!

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