mid-week stationary field trip No. 2

Apparently this is an irregular feature now. (The first in the series is here). Pack your bags full with your tightest pants because this week we’re going to fat camp! It will be fun, Elizabeth Taylor is there.

Liz's fat camp legs

Click on Liz’s fat camp legs to view a slideshow at Vanity Fair. The photos are by her friend Maury Hopson.

Have you seen any clips from the particularly transporting Liz-flick Boom? It’s got Noel Coward in it too — he plays a character called The Witch of Capri — but the biggest attraction for me here is Liz’s headdress. The video quality isn’t great but oh well. Surely balancing such a wondrous thing on one’s head would stimulate mental consolidation of all the most thrilling bits of flotsam and jetsam.

One needs proper equipment to prepare for the wearing of kabuki headdresses: “a cold bottle of mineral water, suntan lotion, cigarettes, codeine tabs, a bucket of ice, a glass, a bottle of brandy . . .”

One response to “mid-week stationary field trip No. 2

  1. Nice job, really good article mate

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