all the latest news about my marimo balls

My marimo balls arrived a few weeks ago and are quietly doing whatever it is they do. They arrived in a little glassine envelope, moist and fuzzy to the touch, perfectly spherical and smelling very pleasantly mossy. I’m pretty happy with them. Take a good long look at them now because I probably won’t show you them again until they’ve achieved thunderous girth, and that’s going to take a while.

my marimo balls are here

my marimo balls are quietly minding their own business

My marimo balls at present.

it's just grass -- yawn

An approximation of what my marimo balls will look like the next time I show them to you. I plan to keep them intact so you should picture me reclining on top rather than posing inside, as this woman was doing inside a dull old grass ball at the Hampton Court Palace garden show. Photo by Luke MacGregor/Reuters via The Guardian.

A certain helpful someone who was cleaning up my apartment while I was at work blearily mistook my marimo balls for some sort of culinary experiment gone wrong and flung them into the sink, but they don’t appear to have suffered for having spent time out of their little glass home. The ensuing email discussion (“those are intentional pets!”) brought forth Gmail ads for Mr. Big Moss Collection (“You should see whether they might be interested in retaining your consulting services . . .”). Fellow moss-keepers take note, Mr. Big does not go around “collecting” other people’s mosses the way houseguests do; instead it is a big — supposedly — collection of mosses for sale, some of which are nearly as attractive as my marimo balls.

8 responses to “all the latest news about my marimo balls

  1. Hi, love Marimo Balls, I grow them fresh in the UK. Please take a look at my website

    • They look great Mark! Do you have to tumble them often to keep them round? I notice you sell them in lots of 100 too — what do people do with such a large quantity of marimo balls?

  2. where did you buy those marimo balls? please reply. i would also like some for myself and i want to give one as a gift for my friend. thank you.

    • Hi Tisha. I bought them from this ebay seller (Aquatic Magic):

      The guy who commented just above you ( looks like he has some really nice ones, though. I’m thinking of ordering larger ones from him. I don’t know about the large ones my ebay seller has but the little ones that I bought are probably not true marimo balls — I think they are rolled together from scraps of larger marimo balls. They haven’t come apart, though — I’ve had them for several months and they look the same.

  3. Hi ya! All small Marimos are rolled up if they are man-made. In the wild, they break apart when they hit rocks. There’s no other ways for them to multiply without breaking apart. So either way, in time they will grow into nice big, fluffy ones. 🙂

    • Aha, the mystery is solved! Thanks Wendi! Someone ought to make a nature documentary about marimos living in the wild. It would not be quite as dramatic as sharks or lions but I’d watch it . . .

      • You are welcome! And I would sure love to do a documentary about them in the wild one day…I’m sure our Marimo chatmates would love to watch it too! Haha They are becoming more rare each year it’s so sad…they grow just 5 mm per year and people used to take them back to sell or as souvenir… As for now, if you want to learn more about them you search for “Wendiland” on youtube.

        • I will, thanks Wendi! That’s terrible they are becoming more rare.

          I checked out your Etsy shop this morning and I really like your marimo ball habitats! Other readers, click on her name above to see them.

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