grow your own

Or are you already growing your own marimo balls?

I just bought a set of small ones from these people on eBay and they’re on their way to me now, snoozing inside a little padded envelope as they make their way from Malaysia to Harlem. (One can assume . . .). I think they’re going to be great pets. They don’t even need an aquarium — they can live in a bowl or a jar and all they need is fresh water every two weeks or so, plus a friendly squeeze every now and then to keep them from bobbing around on top buoy-style. Maybe a tumble once in a while to maintain roundness.

We’ll see. I’ll show you readers my marimo balls when they arrive, and again if they become lumpy. Pretty much all I know about them I’ve learned from their Wiki page. A friend wanted to know how they reproduce and I don’t quite understand myself. All that rubbing together at the bottom of lakes they do, it must be deeply intimate and mysterious — that is all I know about marimos making more marimos.

They only grow about 5 mm per year but reportedly can live for over a hundred years. Naturally I am planning to grow the marimo balls in my care impressively large and to eventually bequeath them to a trustworthy individual or organization. If you are young and healthy and interested, it is not too soon to announce yourself in the comments.

The other noteworth thing about my new pets, according to their Wiki: “The balls do not have a kernel of any sort.” I think that means they’re like hotdogs inside, the same substance all the way through. Don’t ask me to bisect one to be sure, though, because I won’t.

2 responses to “grow your own

  1. Hey!
    What´s up with your Marimo Balls? Did you take them a pic?

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