the mood in june

Barbara Stanwyck is here to make peace with your flotilla

It’s difficult to return from a lengthy blog-absence without sounding like this guy, so I’m just going to sneak in and drop off some music for you and mumble something about how I’ll be back soon. I can’t embed the mix because WordPress is a little perverse that way, so go listen here. The contents:

The Homosexuals, Hearts In Exile (Full Mix) (from Astral Glamour)
Congregacion, Cuantos Que No Tienen Y Merecen (from Viene)
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family, Coffin Maker (from My Ancestors)
Jacques Dutronc, Fais Pas Çi, Fais Pas Ça (from Jacques Dutronc en Vogue)
Wire, Dot Dash (from Pink Flag)
Pylon, Crazy (Album Version) (from Chomp More)
Daisy Door, Du lebst in deiner Welt (Highlights Of My Dreams)
Sparks, My Other Voice (from No.1 In Heaven – EP)
Fox, Moustaches On the Moon (from Blue Hotel)
Elli & Jacno, Les Nuits De La Pleine Lune (from Symphonies de Poche)
Zombies, Brief Candles (from Odessey & Oracle)
Serge Gainsbourg, L’anamour (from Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg)

The Daisy Door song is something I recently stumbled across. It’s pretty schlocky — it was used in the title sequence of a 70s German teevee show called “Der Kommissar” — but for right now I can’t get enough of it. If you’re wondering whether Daisy Door took her name because she wanted to be Teutonic reverse Doris Day, the answer (via some free translation software) is apparently yes. Here she is:

5 responses to “the mood in june

  1. Laraudogoitia's Beautiful Supertask

    Good stuff!

    Daisy Door has a sort of scary glint in her eye, and I think Material Issue lifted a bit of her chorus for “This Letter”:

    • I’ll have to take your word on that; I don’t speak a word of German. I did run it through a free translation device but the sausage that came out the other end (or the wurst, I guess) didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  2. Laraudogoitia's Beautiful Supertask

    Oh, I meant the melody.

    Translation makes it look like a song of the misery of separation:

    “Never was such a pale dawn,
    Never has the sun been so dead for me
    You spoke of forgiveness,
    I wish you now shall find it
    We could not be together.”

    The Material Issue song is less bleak, more creepy:

    “Oh yeah it’s me on the end of the line,
    though I don’t say a word I call all the time.
    And yes it’s me, I’m ringin’ your bell again.
    If he answers the door I’ll run like hell and then”

  3. Ok, I agree, and I’m impressed that the melody repository in your brain is so much more organized than mine. Mine is like one of those kitchen drawers filled with batteries of indeterminate strength and squashed whisks and duct tape with linty sides.

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