the blue god

Staying with the Russian theme for one more day, here are some works by Russian painter, set designer and costume designer Léon Bakst. Many of these costumes were for the Ballets Russes.

the blue god
Costume design for “Le Dieu Bleu,” 1912, watercolor, gouache and gold paint.

Design for the costume of a pilgrim
Costume design for pilgrim (in “Narcisse”?), 1911, pencil, watercolor, gouache and silver paint.

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In September 2010 the V&A will launch an exhibit called “Serge Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes 1909-1929” and it looks like it will feature lots of Bakst designs from their collection. That gives you plenty of time to get started on some DIY genie pants or a brocade tunic — or on draping the walls and ceiling of your bedroom with peacock-blue tapestries — before everyone else will have the urge to do the same.

Costume design for Ephebe in “Narcisse,” 1911.

Le Soleil de Nuit
Costume design for “Le Soleil de Nuit,” 1915, graphite, crayon, tempera and gold leaf on paper.

set design for Schéhérazade
Set design for “Schéhérazade,” 1910.

Almée in Schéhérazade
Costume design for Almée in “Schéhérazade,” 1910.

Chinese danser
Costume design for Chinese dancer, 1917.

Elisium, 1906.

Costume design for “Schéhérazade,” 1910.

set design
A set design (no further info, sorry).

La Péri
Costume design for Nijinsky in “La Péri,” 1911, watercolor.


Costume design for “Cleopatra,” 1910, watercolor, gouache and crayon on paper.

set designSet design (likely for “Schéhérazade”).

Costume design for wolf in “Sleeping Beauty,” 1921, watercolor, gouache and gold paint.

the postman
Costume design for “Die Puppenfee” (“The Fairy Doll”), 1903, watercolor, India ink and bronze paint.

Costume design for “Carnaval,” 1910, watercolor and crayon on paper.

“L’Ondee” (“Downpour”), 1906, gouache and ink on paper.

Supper, 1902, oil on canvas.

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