snow day

woman in winter dress by Felice Beatowoman in winter dress by Felice Beato, via NYPL’s digital gallery here

Here is some music for staying indoors with. Several of the tracks are instrumentals, which I find myself more drawn to at this time of year.

François de Roubaix, Enterrement Sous-Marin – Les Aventuriers (from Anthologie Vol. 1)

Vashti Bunyan, Winter Is Blue (from Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind)

Bettye Swann, (My Heart Is) Closed for the Season (from Bettye Swann)

Smog, Cold Blooded Old Times (from Knock Knock)

Orange Juice, Moscow (from The Glasgow School)

Jeremy Jay, Winter Wonder (from Slow Dance)

Pylon, Weather Radio (from Gyrate)

Five Or Six, Polar Exposure (from The Best Of Five Or Six)

Young Marble Giants, Wind In The Rigging (from Colossal Youth)

The Fall, Winter (Hostel-Maxi) (from Hex Enduction Hour)

Mount Vernon Arts Lab, The Black Drop (from The Seance At Hobs Lane)

It’s an 8 tracks mix so if you listen more than once from the same computer the tracklist might get rearranged, sorry!

4 responses to “snow day

  1. The sign of genius is three lights.

  2. That’s the science law.

    I owe you an email, sorry, kind of hectic for a snow day somehow . . .

  3. Oh actually I guess that line isn’t in your version. Here (everyone), try the extended Peel one:

    The 8+-minute haunting droning sinister vamp makes a great addition to snow soundtrack.

  4. It’s in Winter 2 on that album but it’s much easier to hear the lyrics in that Peel version. Thanks for the link!

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